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The Dangers Of Trying To Resolve Business Disputes On Your Own

One of the most common mistakes that small businesses make is trying to resolve disputes on their own. In an effort to save money - and thinking that the issue or conflict will simply go away - many small business owners do not take a proactive approach to dispute resolution.

Facebook says contract dispute should be handled in California

Modern technological advances have muddied the waters when it comes to cut and dry decisions pertaining to legal issues regarding the Internet. Facebook, the popular global social network site, attempted to remind the court recently that its user agreement specifically states that a contract dispute regarding its site is to be addressed under California law. The court apparently shot down the raised objection this past week.

Getting off to the right start involves good business planning

Throughout California, there are currently many prospective business owners who may be wondering what the best course of action might be to get their companies off to the right start. Future business success often hinges on good business planning. Regardless of the type of business being launched, an ability to flourish often depends on a plan that was well laid out in the first place.

Commercial real estate owners involved in recent debate

Many real estate owners in California and throughout the nation strive to find ways to generate income through their properties. For instance, a commercial real estate owner may rent out a portion or all of a building or land to others. A recent business trend has become the center of a contentious debate between those making money from the transactions and hoteliers who claim their livelihoods are at risk because of such deals.

Common - and Critical - Errors That Can Sink A Business

Eager to follow their dream and make a profit off a great idea or their passion, many business owners make critical mistakes during the formation period. Some mistakes cause problems that can be corrected later - but far too many cause problems that can stunt or sink a business. It is critical that you have skilled legal guidance on your side as you establish a business to avoid common pitfalls and errors.

Negotiators help California teachers resolve contract dispute

Various issues often arise in business ventures or employment situations where one or more parties believe another person or group has breached a legally binding agreement. Other situations involve parties on two sides of a proposed issue, where a disagreement has occurred and a contract dispute has erupted before anyone has added their signatures to the bottom line. In either case, such disagreements can greatly impede productivity and profitability in California businesses or other work situations.

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