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Judge tosses recording star, Kesha's contract dispute claim

Recording artists in California and throughout the United States often enter into written agreements with producers, managers, personal agents and others. Such arrangements are typical in the professional life of a singer or musician. When a contract dispute arises, as did recently between recording star Kesha and her producer, an artist's work may be greatly affected. Most want to seek expeditious and positive resolutions to their legal problems so as to have as little negative impact as possible on their careers.

Tips for protecting your company's secrets

The success of many small to mid-sized companies hinges on the security of the secrets and formulas that differentiate it from competitors and earn it market share. Yet many companies are unaware of the security risks they face - as well as the steps they should be taking to protect themselves.

Judge changes schedule re hearing on possible business merger

California business owners may face legal challenges regarding any number of aspects related to contracts and agreements with other business entities. A possible business merger or acquisition may be postponed when complications arise or the Federal Communications Commission requires a review of the situation. When millions of dollars are at stake, it is advisable to seek experienced guidance from an attorney to help resolve any issues.

Resolving contract dispute issues in California

When company owners or their representatives sign agreements with other parties, they are binding themselves to certain responsibilities and obligations contained therein. Contracts are par for the course in business and are typically customizable to suit the needs and goals of those who add their signatures to the agreements. When a contract dispute arises, however, a California company owner may experience immediate adverse effects in a variety of areas that can threaten the very existence of his or her business.

Proper business planning may bring quicker success

In 1988, two California brothers took a road trip to get inspiration for what to do with their lives. This trip led to them starting an enterprise selling T-shirts. It is not uncommon for young people to start off their careers buying and selling merchandise, but in many cases, no business planning is involved at the onset. The two young men, ages 20 and 23, started with limited funds and purchased a van to travel to different college campuses to sell their merchandise. They say that they failed a thousand times and struggled to make enough money to support themselves from month to month.

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