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Business contract dispute cracks open over egg supply disruption

When companies do business with one another there is almost always some type of contract in place. The contract details the terms of a business deal and makes explicit the obligations of each party in the contract in California. However, when one party of a contract does not fulfill its obligations, it could result in a business contract dispute that may need to be settled in court. It appears this is the case in a recent dispute related to a business deal between a food supplier and an egg farm.

Labor Commission rules against Uber business startup model

Carefully planning a business model is an important part of starting up a new enterprise. This can help a business startup ensure compliance with rules and regulations applicable to its industry. However, one must be careful since the law may not be exactly clear regarding many aspects of certain new and emerging industries in California. This can result in future legal problems for a company.

Architecture teacher and student join forces in business merger

The relationship between student and teacher should be one that fosters growth and innovative thinking. This enables students to gain critical thinking and creative problem solving skills needed to succeed in the marketplace in California. Luckily for the two owners of two architecture firms looking to complete a business merger, they have already formed this kind of relationship that promises to foster growth.

Ares Management to propose business merger in California

Having a business plan in place is not only important for new startup businesses, but it is also essential for a company looking to merge with another business in the near future. This ensures that the acquiring company will obtain the desired market advantages from a proposed business merger, while also being happy with the agreed upon price of the acquisition. This is why one financial company in California has thoroughly vetted a recently proposed business merger.

Musicians' union sues movie studios in business contract dispute

Music is an important part of life, society and human expression. It is also extensively used in movies to enhance a particular mood or express a certain intention of the filmmakers. On the other hand, when movie studios use music in films, they have to be aware of the publishing rights involved to avoid copyright infringement. However, it seems that one musician's union believes that several major movie studios have failed to do this and is now suing several major studios in a business contract dispute in California.

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