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Albertsons to complete business merger with Safeway

The government exists in order to make sure every member of society has a fair chance in all aspects of life, including in business. This is why regulating agencies keep an eye on any proposed business mergers in California and all other states. Regulators are usually concerned about whether a business merger would be detrimental to competition, which is an important part of a free market economic system.

Energy business merger faces opposition

A company may decide to buy another business entity if it could result in a larger portion of the market share. Doing so may help the company's business model become more profitable. Some industries, however, are heavily regulated by government agencies when it comes to approving a proposed business merger. This is certainly true in the utilities and energy industry in California and elsewhere.

Visual Supply purchases photobook company in business merger

The technology industry is multifaceted. Companies constantly competing with one another for profits and market share. Many times, a technology company's best option for expanding is by purchasing a competitor or even a company in a related or tangent market niche. This is what one technology company in California decided to do in a recent business merger.

California business startup helps energy efficiency for homes

Energy has been one of the most talked about topics in recent years. Everybody is always looking for better ways to utilize energy more efficiently. Not only will this help preserve the environment, but it can also help people save money on their energy bills. One California business startup company is looking to help people to achieve this goal.

Construction company sues in business contract dispute

Business owners make decisions based upon various factors. Many times, companies decide to utilize their resources based upon faith that customers and partners will adhere to agreed-upon legal contracts in California as well as any other state. However, failure of another party to keep its part of a bargain can result in a business contract dispute.

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