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Business startup in California creates police firearm technology

Gun safety has become a contentious issue around the country as of late. Particular interest has been given to how police officers handle their firearms while on duty as a result of several recent high-profile police shootings that have gripped the national headlines. One California business startup is now looking to provide a solution to the challenges of regulating police officer use of firearms.

Education company sues university in business contract dispute

Education is an important part of society and will be what provides the next generation with the tools and knowledge to move society forward. However, many people also forget that education is a business just like any other industry in California and other states. Many times, conflicts will arise between parties of a business arrangement. This is what recently happened between one educational company and a university, resulting in a business contract dispute.

T-Mobile flirts with business merger proposals

The global economy is something that many companies are attempting to tap into in order to be exposed to a larger market. This includes companies in California as well as in every other state. One option a company may consider is to initiate a business merger that would help the company reach a more international market. This is what one foreign company attempted to do by looking into a merger with an American company recently.

Couple sues construction company over contract dispute

People do not see eye-to-eye at all times. This is definitely true when doing business in California or in any other state. In some cases, this can result in a contract dispute that turns into a lawsuit. One construction company is currently experiencing this situation after working on a recent project.

Common reasons tech business startup firms fail in California

Business is all about planning ahead. This is definitely true in the technology industry. Not only does planning ahead include an effective marketing plan and efficient operations plan, it also makes sure that business-planning strategies avoid some of the most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs in the technology startup industry in California. Doing so can ultimately make the difference between success and failure for a technology business startup.

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