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Lumber company and construction firm in business contract dispute

Following through on agreements is an integral part of the marketplace. Without this, businesses would not be able to confidently make transactions. Therefore, upholding legal contracts is an important part of the court system in California or in any other state. One lumber company has recently found the need to utilize the court system in order to settle a business contract dispute with a construction company.

California business startup markets drones to athletes

For those who have been following news and politics recently, they may have noticed that aerial drones have been in the news recently in connection with military tactics. However, many do not realize that aerial drones may also be useful in a non-combative setting for civilians. This is what one California business startup company believed when it began fundraising for its new aerial drone product for the civilian population.

California business startup chooses crowdfunding

There are various ways for new companies to obtain startup funding for their projects. One of the most common ways has always been to obtain business startup funding from a bank or venture capitalists. However, nowadays it is becoming more common to use crowdfunding as a way to obtain the necessary capital to bring a good business idea to the market. This is the route that one technology company first decided to take in California.

Banks start major business merger in California

The free market thrives when parties of business deals are able to mutually benefit from their agreements. This seems to have been the case in a recent business merger between two banks in California. The executives of these two banks came to the conclusion that merging their two banking firms would be mutually beneficial after having a conversation at a banking industry conference.

Business contract dispute surrounds California winemaking project

Wine is an important part of cultural sophistication to many, which is why it is essential to pay close attention to even the smallest details when creating a high-end wine. Therefore, obtaining help from the experts is critical for anybody looking to enter the wine business. However, even the experts are not perfect, which is what one entrepreneur found out after hiring a consultant winemaker. The failed business collaboration recently ended in a business contract dispute in California.

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