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Business startup looks to reduce recidivism for inmates

Not only can a creative business idea garner a profit, it can also benefit society. This is what one business startup is attempting to do in developing its educational program for prisoners. More than half of inmates end up returning to prison or jail after their first release, including many prisoners in California. Jail Education Solutions is aiming to change this statistic through its new innovative education platform.

Pfizer moves forward with business merger to avoid taxes

There are many reasons for companies to merge with other companies. Many times, the company being acquired possesses a product the acquiring company needs, which was the case with the business merger between Valeant and Allergan. Other times, a merger could be aimed at reducing competition in the marketplace, such as was the case with Comcast and Time Warner Cable. However, one new reason which is becoming increasingly more common in California and other states is to avoid paying U.S. taxes.

Contract dispute involves inventor and another company

A person who has invented a unique product in California naturally takes pride in their accomplishment. Getting paid for that invention after reaching an agreement with another company is often an important goal. However, if the payments stop coming because the other company fails to follow through with a contract established between the two parties, the relationship can turn sour quickly. One man is facing this scenario in an out-of-state contract dispute.

Reverse business merger is alternative way to obtain funding

Startup companies have many challenges to overcome when starting a new business. One of the most common and significant challenges facing a startup is obtaining venture capital in California or in any other state. Many times there are more startups looking for funding than there are venture capital and Angel investors available. However, one unorthodox method of obtaining capital, which has gained some popularity recently, is using a business merger to garner funding.

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