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Business contract dispute erupts over oil and petroleum

Business is based upon agreements and legal contracts. The businesses that are parties to these contracts usually act with the assumption that parties will adhere to the terms specified in the contracts in California or in any other state. However, there are times when a party to a legal contract does not follow through on its end of the bargain. Many times the business contract dispute results in a lawsuit being filed.

California bank finalizes business merger of two subsidiaries

Many times it makes business sense for one company to have multiple subsidiary companies. However, there are other times when it would be more efficient to merge together separate subsidiaries. This is what Banc of California Inc. has decided to do in a recent business merger of its two subsidiary banks, Pacific Trust Bank and Private Bank of California.

New California iHubs help business startup companies

It is in everybody's best interest to support the growth of new startup businesses which can help to stimulate the economy. New companies do this by spending money on resources and services required to begin a new business as well as hiring workers needed to operate the business. This is why federal, state and local governments create initiatives and programs designed to aide businesses through their beginning business startup phases. California has taken this route in its new initiative to help new science and technology companies.

California business startup provides free bikes to colleges

Everybody needs some type of transportation. However, some people cannot afford their own cars, while many times public transportation is not convenient or even available in some areas. For these situations, riding a bicycle may be a good option. Many times it is more convenient for college students to use bicycles to get around, which is what one new business startup in California is trying to capitalize on.

Betty Ford Center plans business merger with Hazelden Foundation

Combating drug addiction and substance abuse is important for the advancement of American society. However, the logistics in providing this type of treatment can be challenging at times. This is why the renown Betty Ford Center is looking to enter into a business merger designed to increase its ability to help those struggling with addiction in California as well as other states across the country.

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