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Al Jazeera sues AT&T in business contract dispute

Adhering to agreements and contracts is the basis of just about all business regardless of which industry a company operates within. Companies make many business decisions based upon the assumptions that legal contracts will be honored by the other parties in California or in any other state. Failure to do so could result in losses for one of the parties to a contract and could result in a business contract dispute.

California business startup advice can save time and money

When an individual or group of partners decides to go into business, the atmosphere around them is charged with positive energy and optimism. The decision to start a new business venture is exciting, and the future can hold a wide range of amazing opportunities and rewards. However, business startup needs are different for every entity, and a failure to recognize and address those needs can have a multitude of adverse effects in the months and years to come.

California insurance company envisions business merger

Having a vision for the future is important for a business to grow and become more profitable. One company in California not only has a vision for the future, it actually specializes in managed vision care insurance services. Block Vision is now looking to expand its business through a business merger with Superior Vision, which is another company offering vision care insurance plans.

Commercial real estate may experience future gains in California

Although real estate took a tremendous hit during the recent recession, there have been signs of a significant recovery in many parts of the country. California seems to be one of the parts of the nation which may be experiencing growth in the commercial real estate sector. A recently released report addressing the state's real estate market is exceptionally optimistic about the future.

AT&T business merger with California company attracts critics

The wireless communications market can be lucrative for those who play their cards right. AT&T has been highly successful in this business and is currently one of the largest wireless carriers in the industry. Now the company is looking to grow its market dominance even more by purchasing a California wireless competitor through a business merger. However, this has been met with significant resistance based upon federal antitrust laws.

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