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Business merger: DaVita and HealthCare Partners

DaVita -- the well-known kidney dialysis center -- has recently announced that they will spend over $4.4 million to purchase HealthCare Partners. HealthCare Partners is a company that operates physician networks and medical groups and has three offices in the U.S., including one in California.

Bed Bath & Beyond will buy Cost Plus

In a recently announced business move, Bed Bath & Beyond Inc will acquire local California retailer Cost Plus Inc. Apparently, Bed Bath & Beyond and Cost Plus have been working together for over a year testing out a specialty food department in some of the Bed Bath & Beyond stores. The success of their collaboration led to the two corporations mutually agreeing to the business structure change. In this acquisition, Bed Bath & Beyond will purchase Cost Plus Inc.

It takes time to organize a successful business merger

Businesses make use of a number of strategies to expand or diversify their business. One of these strategies is a business merger, which brings two or more businesses together as one. In many cases, a business merger occurs when one business is to the point where they need to sell their business because they simply cannot afford to continue running it. However, this isn't always the case, such as with a recent merger of two businesses in California.

Contract dispute headed toward mediation for California supermarket chain

Contract disputes are not uncommon. In fact, contract disputes frequently occur in the business world, especially in California where there are numerous businesses of every conceivable variety. Recent news stories have covered a contract dispute between Raley's Inc., a California-based supermarket chain, and union workers.

Company being sued for contract dispute and trade secret use

As many California companies know, it isn't uncommon to hear of individuals leaking company information to a different company in order to get ahead in their career - possibly being promised a promotion at the other company. Could a contract dispute be the case in this business incident?

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