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Many thrilled with business merger on the East Coast

The California home-building industry has definitely seen its ups and downs over the past 10 to 15 years. Many real estate and business analysts say the current market is quite favorable, with promising financial futures ahead for many home building companies. A recent business merger that took place on the East Coast seems to include far more pros than cons, expanding an existing successful company while helping another get out of debt.

Stay updated on business merger information at all times

Many California business people closely follow the daily rise and fall of the stock market. Investors, business owners and private citizens alike are typically interested in the current state of economy throughout the nation, as well as the rest of the world. Some say the best litmus test for assessing economic trends is to checkout business merger happenings in the marketplace. When CEOs are confident, there tends to be an increase in merger and acquisition transactions.

Planning ahead for a successful business merger

Many people in California and throughout the United States are foregoing college educations to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. It's a rather controversial topic with advocates and naysayers on both sides. Both choices often lead to business ownership, and owning a business often leads to an eventual business merger. Thorough research and careful planning can set the stage for successful expansion.

Dupont and Dow companies one step closer to business merger

Antitrust regulators often must give approval before two or more high profile companies in California or elsewhere can merge their assets. Business merger is a common means of expansion in both domestic and international realms. The process, however, is seldom simple, and those involved typically face several challenges and obstacles along the way before they're able to bring their plans to fruition. Dow Chemical Co and Dupont are currently navigating their way through the merger system.

Business merger may give Aspen ski resorts major facelift

Anyone who's ever skied down the face of a mountain knows how exhilarating it can be. In fact, many California residents are among those who consider skiing a favorite pastime. Skiing enthusiasts may be interested to learn that a well-known ski resort in another state is planning a business merger with several other entities, one of which is already worth billions of dollars.

Man involved in small farming seeks support for business merger

Farming is said to have had its very beginnings in this nation in California and surrounding regions. To this day, the industry is considered the backbone of America, although many farmers face serious challenges trying to sustain their livelihoods. Especially where small farms are concerned, it is often the combined efforts of two or more enterprises that help build lasting and successful businesses. A farmer in another state is currently seeking support for a proposed business merger of this kind.  

Business merger between Cabela's and Bass Pro uncertain

When two California companies plan to combine assets and blend into a new, expanded form of their original selves, many challenges can arise in the process. A proposed business merger between Cabela's and Bass Pro Shops is a perfect example. There appears to be some uncertainty regarding merger plans that reportedly has to do with the provider of Cabela's in-house credit card.

Business merger date for Walgreens/Rite Aid deal pushed back

Shares of Rite Aid drug store stock recently took a nosedive according to recent trade data. Some California readers might be closely following news regarding a takeover of Rite Aid by another drug store giant, Walgreens. Apparently, there have been some changes in the proposed business merger, some of which the Federal Trade Commission is reportedly not too happy about.

Trump reportedly opposed to business merger involving AT&T

An $85.4 billion deal has been in the works for some time between telecommunications giant, AT&T, and Time Warner company. Many people in California use services provided by one or both of these companies. Their prospective business merger has not been approved by the Federal Communications Commission, and President-elect Donald Trump has reportedly stated he opposes the plan. The situation has escalated into a contentious battle with AT&T saying the government has no right to prevent the transaction.

Some say Trump is skeptical about proposed business merger

The United States Senate is about to get an earful from AT&T executives and others from Time Warner Inc. The chief executive officers of both enterprises are planning to try to sell the Senate on the idea of a new business merger between them. Outside sources say that President-elect Donald Trump and others (perhaps some in California) are not be too happy about the idea.