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July 2017 Archives

Enterprise Products Partners wins big in contract dispute appeal

The California business and commercial law system protects those who enter written agreements with other parties from breaches of the terms contained in their contracts. It's not uncommon for a contract dispute to arise if one party believes another has failed to fulfill his or her responsibilities and obligations set forth in a particular agreement. That's what happened when Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) signed a prospective pipeline deal with Enterprise Products Partners (EPP).

Pilot wings seem to be flying away after contract dispute

In 2001, American Airlines acquired Trans World Airlines. Part of the agreement at the time reportedly protected the captain positions of a number of TWA pilots. Following arbitration in a recent contract dispute, those pilots have been given some very bad news. Anyone currently facing contract problems in California may be interested in the story.

Contract dispute may affect patients of noted children's hospital

When California business people encounter obstacles in their contracts, it often affects more than those directly involved. When medical care is at issue, as is the case in a current contract dispute between Blue Cross and Blue Shield and a well-known children's hospital in another state, patients themselves may suffer if problems remain unresolved. In this situation, the hospital's patients may have to go elsewhere for health care.