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December 2016 Archives

Considering commercial real estate investments in the new year

As 2016 winds down to a close, many in California are compiling lists of resolutions for the new year ahead. A common practice throughout the nation, some include goals for physical fitness or education endeavors, while others focus more on financial stability and business investment ideas. The recent presidential election has apparently had some effect on commercial real estate, leaving many to wonder whether purchasing, selling or avoiding the industry altogether is the best choice for 2017.  

Emmy Rossum contract dispute: She wants more money than co-star

Equal pay for women is not a new idea in California, and it is one that gained momentum in the recent presidential campaign. However, some say things still aren't right, and many women make much less money than their male counterparts. Emmy Rossum, star of popular television series "Shameless," is said to be holding up production for the new season because of a contract dispute

Some say Trump is skeptical about proposed business merger

The United States Senate is about to get an earful from AT&T executives and others from Time Warner Inc. The chief executive officers of both enterprises are planning to try to sell the Senate on the idea of a new business merger between them. Outside sources say that President-elect Donald Trump and others (perhaps some in California) are not be too happy about the idea.