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March 2015 Archives

Shipowner sues international shipper in contract dispute

In life, it is generally best to keep one's promises. However, this is particularly important in business since not keeping agreements can cause significant financial problems for California companies. One shipowner is now facing such an issue due to a recent contract dispute with an international shipping company. This has resulted in a breach of contract lawsuit being filed in court.

Comcast challenges proposed business merger terms in California

The American economic system is primarily based upon free market principles. However, this does not mean a company can do whatever it wants. There are various laws that regulate what companies are allowed to do. This is what Comcast is facing in its proposed business merger with Time Warner Cable in California.

IMAX sues Whitaker Center in contract dispute

Companies do not exist in a vacuum in business. They usually require doing business with other companies in order to operate. This is true for just about any industry in California. However, this means that, when a business contract dispute occurs, it can be a serious problem that could lead to litigation.