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July 2014 Archives

California energy company to complete large business merger

The energy industry is important to the nation’s economy as well as the worldwide marketplace. What happens in the energy industry affects just about every other sector in the economy. This is one reason why it is significant that a California energy company has just entered into a large business merger agreement with an out-of-state energy corporation.

Construction company faces business contract dispute

Business owners have to deal with all types of issues. For example, there are even some clients in California and other states who may not be satisfied with their services. Many times, this can lead to a breach of contract lawsuit being filed against a company as a result of a business contract dispute.

California company begins business planning for new office space

Location is important for practically any business, whether it is for retail purposes, commercial office space or warehouse space. Many times a company will find a better location for its operations than the one the company is already occupying. This is the case with one California clothing company which is looking to move to a more preferable location. The move will require significant business planning in order to be efficient and effective.

Landscape firm completes business merger with California company

It is amazing what entrepreneurs can achieve when starting with little resources. One entrepreneur showed this to be true after he started his landscaping company, The Brickman Group, which eventually grew to be one of the largest companies in the landscaping industry. This company, which started in the back of a single pickup truck, is now looking to complete a business merger transaction with a company in California.