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April 2012 Archives

Class action status rejected in Facebook contract dispute

In a case that may be of interest to readers, a federal court in California has rejected class action status for a lawsuit brought against Facebook. The business contract dispute, involving thousands of advertisers who claim that Facebook wrongfully charged them, was originally brought in 2009. However, even as the presiding judge rejected the class action status, the judge nonetheless scheduled a conference to be held in mid-May to discuss how the litigants may be able to proceed further.

Contract dispute between California county and construction company

Contract disputes are certainly not uncommon, especially between governmental bodies and private entities. Recently, one such contract dispute arose in California between Fresno County and a construction company. At the heart of the matter is a disagreement about what kind of cleanup is called for under the terms of their contract.

Amazon in contract dispute with publishers

Businesses in California and elsewhere may find themselves in a dispute when it comes time to renew a contract. The different parties involved in the contract may not necessarily agree to keeping the same terms moving forward, and negotiating a new set of terms may prove difficult. Recently, Amazon has found itself in a contract dispute with six of the major publishing companies.

AmericanWest in business merger with California bank

When seeking to expand into new markets or to gain a larger footprint in existing markets, any business has a few options. The first, of course, is to expand the business itself, which may include real estate acquisitions and hiring new employees. Another option, though, is a business merger.